Hi! I'm Mogoi*, nice to meet you! Ever since I was able to hold a crayon in my hand I loved to draw - on paper, pebbles, walls, pavements and even - at the very beginning, occasionally - all over myself. While growing up I continued exploring other forms of art, which in turn helped me realise that creating things - in general - was one of my life's greatest pleasures.

Recently I started designing art prints that are wearable and that are compatible with us humans and nature in general**. I hope you enjoy them, love them, and maybe one day pass them on..

*Mogoi is a name my grandmother (from my Father's side) gave me when she first met me. Because of the language barrier (granny only spoke her tribal language) we were never able to have a "normal" conversation without somebody present to translate,  but every time she saw me, she would hold my hand, smile and repeat this name. I chose this name for my brand to pay a tribute to my lineage, my DNA.


**The mission behind Mogoi silk carves is creating art prints that are wearable, and that are compatible with us humans and nature in general - hence the choice of 100% silk satin as the canvas for my prints. It's soft, light texture takes super good care of our skin and hair. It was important to me to create a product which is sustainable, unique and if taken care of will serve you for a very long time. All of the artworks are drawn by hand before being transformed into digital files. The scarves can be washed/cleaned - you will find the details enclosed with the product itself.


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