Product care:

Mogoi Studio silk products are made of 100% natural silk satin.


Our goal is to make our produts as sustainable as possible. However, silk is a very delicate material which requires proper care. Here are a few rules that will help maintain your purchased goods in perfect condition.


  When not in use keep me in the package

With every purchase made in our shop, you receive special packaging designed to store the scarves/pochettes. You can use this packaging or any other smooth surfaced packaging to store your purchase. Make sure it is protected against light and humidity.

  Make sure I avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects

When using the scarves/pochettes, make sure to avoid contact with chemicals, especially perfume and cosmetics which are used every day. This may cause stains that can be difficult or impossible to remove, or may change the color of the product. Sharp-edged jewellery can cause mechanical damage as a result of contact.


  Protect me against water and humidity

The scarves can come in contact with clear water, in fact they can be washed in it (following the cleaning conditions available on the "product care instructions" card that comes with the product). Please keep in mind though that silk is not suitable for contact with chlorinated or salt water, and you should remove your scarf before swimming, as well as avoid dipping it in such water. When in contact with humidity the scarf may crease easier, but this is nothing to be worried about as it can be fixed simply by ironing it later.

  Remember that I am a delicate commodity

Silk garments and accessories are delicate products, vulnerable to any mechanical damage and random events. One must remember to treat them gently and prefferably take them off before conducting housework, engaging in sport activities or sleeping.


Every one of our product is separately hemmed thanks to the dilligent work of seamstresses. The product hemming process is an intricate one which means small differences and irregularities may occur. Due to this we reserve the right to deliver products that may vary about +/- 2-3cm from the measurements given on the website.

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